Dongil Kim is Co-Founder of IN:formed and research director at Self-Formation LAB. He, as a Jhon. K Branner Fellow, studied and researched at world leading academic research institute specialized in computation and digital Fabrication including, University of Stuttgart, The Royal Danish Academy of Art, University of Michigan and University of California, Berkeley. He also has practiced at Morphosis Architects, HWKN, REX Architecture P.C in New York and Samoo, KOMA Group, and System LAB in Seoul. Dongil received Master of Architecture at University of California, Berkeley where with AIA Gold Medal and Certificate which is most prestigious Award in Academia. While Attending UC Berkeley, he was recipient of Jhon. K Branner Fellowship, Henry Hirshen Prize and T.Y Lin Prize for his design and research on Information based design Systems from urban design to architectural components. He is adjunct faculty at GSAPP, Columbia University and invited critics from various instityte such as UC Berkeley, New Jersey Institute of Technology and Seoul National University. He is member of The Association for computer aided Design in Architecture. His research projects focusing on information based design and fabrication such as De:Flatable, Constructed Cloud, Dense Ecology and Shape Grammer, published widely and also has been presented as form of conferences and lecture.


Allie Yeseul Chung is a founding member of IN:formed Works and the director of City-Formulations LAB. Her research focuses on exploring the city in relation to everyday life to design for future aspects of architectural elements and is currently based in the city of Manila. She holds a Master’s of Architecture from the University of California, Berkeley. She was an early member of the department’s first official bi-annual journal Room One Thousand, which received the 2014 Best Publication Award. She holds a dual degree in B.S. Physics and B.S. Industrial Design from the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology(KAIST). She worked at KAIST Gas Discharge Lab on plasma treatment to cancer cells before pursuing a professional career as a UXUI designer consulting for clients such as Samsung, Motorola, SKTelecom. Her interest in scale and human-centered design eventually directed her into the field of architecture.


Seojoo Lee is a co-founder of IN:formed Design and Self-Formation research lab. As a role of researcher, she is specialized in material research and computational process, which is made an exploit at the University of California, Berkeley and as a member of ICD/ITKE Research Pavilion 2015-2016 by the University of Stuttgart in Germany and The Association for Computer Aided Design in Architecture. Her multi-disciplinary architecture work has been recognized as a founding member of the Institute of Multidisciplinary Art, Architecture and Design. Her architecture approach is developed by attending the master of Architecture at the University of California, Berkeley as an all-expense award grantee for whole semesters and a recipient of the design workshop prize. Besides, she has received many prizes and awards while studying at the Kyunghee University in Korea and at the E’cole d’Architecture de Paris-Belleville in France. She has taught an architecture design studio at the College of Environmental Design and lectured at several associations. In addition, her objective in architecture has been practiced through internationally acclaimed offices including Morphosis Architects in Los Angeles, Richard Meier and Partners Architects, OLI Architecture in New York, and Changjo Architects in Seoul.